Color Copies

Color Copies is to color copies what Los Angeles is to fashion -- we've got the hottest colors, the sleekest styles and we're always on the cutting edge of the latest industry trends.

But that comparison speaks nothing of the cheap prices. Our top-quality color prints are available as low as 5¢, making these among the best value in the industry. Good luck finding that kind of value on Rodeo Drive.

We use top-quality digital printers, not the antique photocopy machines your great-great-grandparents traded as currency for dinosaur hides. That means every print that comes off is an original, straight from a high-quality PDF file stored on our server. The old process of setting a sheet on a glass surface and pressing COPY has gone the way of horse-drawn carriages, musket balls and medical leeches.

Getting the right product for your needs is a matter of weighing out cost vs. quality. While our least expensive copies can be produced on our 20/50# white laser bond paper, we always suggest increasing the weight of the paper for a better print image if it's in your budget. In the case of double sided printing, heavier paper eliminates the annoyance of one side's print being visible on the other side -- that's a major faux pas if you want high-quality color copies! A good cost-versus-quality paper is the 28/70# laser white smooth -- heavy enough to give your audience the assurance of high quality and professionalism, but cheap enough to keep your budget boat afloat.

But hey, maybe you want to show off! You have the budget, might as well flaunt it. In that case, try our 32/80# glossy text paper. Or go really heavy, man, and use the 100# glossy text. All our glossy stocks are what's called semi-gloss (think magazine paper rather than photo paper), so you won't have to worry about blinding other drivers if you're holding them up and examining the quality while driving on the freeway, which we understand is a common practice in LA.

Sometimes the situation calls for something even heavier. If you're feeling bad-to-the-bone, put away the soft rock and break out the heavy metal by upgrading to coverstock, or cardstock. Our selection ranges from 65#, which is a lighter cardstock, up to 80# (typically a business-card weight) and 100# (think post cards, greeting cards and event flyers). We call them cover stocks because they're quite popular for book and booklet covers, but their variety of uses are truly legion.

While the type of paper you select for your copies can make a difference in the presentation quality, only YOU can prevent sub-optimal print quality. How? By making sure to send us high-resolution photos (300dpi is good) and staying on-par with our other best practices. Review our File Setup Help section to get an in depth look at how your files should be setup for best print quality.

Order in 3 Easy Steps - Step 1 - Submit Order: Fill out the job information form to the left. Add the job to your cart and complete the checkout process. Step 2 - Upload Files: Upload your files at the end of the checkout process - after you submit the order. Step 3 - Sit back and Relax: Once your files are uploaded you're done. Sit back and wait for your copies to arrive.


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