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Color Copy Printing

Color printing at its cheapest.

Cheap color copies print as low as 5¢ each! Customize color printing with a wide range of paper weights, coatings and finishing options to bring your color copies to life. Color printing never looked so good or cost so little.

Read on to learn more about color copying and how to get the most out of your color printing project, or enter your job details on the Order Form to see instant pricing.

Color Printing Quality

Print color copies on light paper for the cheapest price.

If quantity and low copy prices are priority, print on the 20/50# Laser Bond paper. This is basic copy paper like you would find in a walk-in copy shop and promises the most bang for your buck.

Print color copies on high-quality paper for the best result.

We suggest upgrading the paper for the best quality color printing. Heavier paper also reduces show-through to the backside, which can be crucial if printing double sided color copies. For the best quality color copies, we recommend the 32/80# Text Gloss or 100# Text Gloss. These heavy papers feature a semi-gloss finish, heavy weight and thickness, and eliminate showthrough to the backside.

Expert Advice Strike a balance with color copy prices and print quality with the 28/70# Text Smooth. This medium-weight, 98-bright paper feels substantial and displays color printing beautifully, while affordable enough to keep your project within budget at high volumes.

Color Printing "Pops" on Gloss

Choose glossy paper for color copying with a lot of photos or graphics. The glossy finish creates a smooth, shiny surface that makes colors and photos come to life.
Paper Catalog

Color Copying Tips

To get the best quality color printing, make sure to send us high-resolution graphics (300 pixels per inch is good) and stay on-par with our other best practices. Review our File Setup section to get an in-depth look at how your files should be setup for the best print quality.
File Setup Help

"You guys ROCK! We do a charity car show each year to benefit teen suicide prevention. Cost of materials is obviously a concern. This is the second year we have used you for our flyers and will continue to do so."Jeff L. - NC

"It's amazing to me the ease with which I get my letters printed by you. The quality is always wonderful. And the price is very reasonable. The service you offer is a perfect fit for me. Thank you!"Galen S. - FL

"As a non-profit organization, we have a very limited budget and have struggled with the cost of color copies. Your pricing for color copies has made having color copies possible. The process is amazingly easy. Thanks"Richard J. - KS

"I have placed several orders for flyers and all have been printed correctly and arrive quickly. Thanks!"Kimberly L. - CO

"We had priced color copying locally and were told that if we ran the copies ourselves it would be 49 cents per impression, and if our order were run by the supplier the charge would be 59 cents. We are a local government and struggling with costs like so many others, so finding a source for our limited use of color copies that is both reasonably priced and efficient is very important. Your service was great."Tara N.

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Color Copy Templates

Below you'll find JPG templates for color copies in various sizes. Please let us know if you need additional sizes or file types.

SizeNo BleedBleed
8.5" x 11" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
8.5" x 5.5" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
8.5" x 3.67" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
8.5" x 14" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
6" x 9" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
5" x 7" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
4.25" x 5.5" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
4.25" x 11" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
4" x 6" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
11" x 17" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
12" x 18" Color Copies TemplateJPGJPG
13" x 19" Color Copies TemplateJPG---

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Color Copies FAQ

Are color copies cheap?

Cheap color copies are high quality and affordable at any quantity, thanks to major advances in digital color printing technology. Your price will depend on the number of originals, quantity and paper type. Our best price break for color copies is 10,000 copies of 1 original on 20/50# Bond at just 5¢ each.

Color Copy Prices:

(1 original, single sided)
Paper Type# Color CopiesColor Copy Prices
20/50# Bond10008¢/ea
Plus $7 setup fee (standard on all orders)
Prices do not include any time-sensitive promotions/coupons. Enter job details on the order form for a custom quote.

Why not print color copies near me?

Professional printing companies are all charged a 'click rate' by their suppliers. This is the cost they are charged for each sheet passed through the machine (per printed side) to cover maintenance and other terms of their contracts.

Companies like DocuCopies, who are printing hundreds of thousands of sheets per day or more, are able to negotiate a much lower click rate than local walk-in copy shops because of the volume. This means we can charge you less.

Sometimes you need printing fast or even same-day printing. While we do offer Rush Services as fast as next-day delivery, we know sometimes going local for color copies near you is unavoidable. But if you're printing any serious color volume and have a day or more to wait for delivery, searching for color copies near me will almost always cost you more than color printing at DocuCopies.

What is bleed printing?

A bleed is when printing extends to the edge of the finished sheet. By default, digital printing leaves 1/4 inch blank margin around the edge. To print to the edge, the file must be setup in a special way so that the printers can print it slightly larger than the finish size. Printed copies are then trimmed to remove the extra print and white space, leaving you with borderless color copies.

Because of the larger paper and additional finishing involved, bleed printing does add cost to the color copies. If you're trying to keep your costs as low as possible and don't mind the white borders, avoid printing with bleeds. But if your design only looks right printing to the edge, make sure your files are setup correctly and choose Bleeds: Yes, print to edge.

Bleed Setup Guide

How fast can I get my color copies?

Typically color copies take 2-4 days for production plus shipping. If you add bleeds, folding or any other finishing options, this typically adds 1 day for production.

Rush delivery is available! Place your item(s) in your shopping cart, select your billing and enter shipping information to see the estimated delivery times, rush options and costs.

Will double sided copies show through to the backside?

To avoid any showthrough whatsoever from one side to the other, we recommend the 32/80# Text (gloss or smooth).

If you want to keep the costs lower, most people are happy with the 28/70# Text Smooth. This is a mid-weight paper and has minimal show-through, which is much less noticeable if both sides have roughly equal amounts of coverage.

How do you make such cheap color copies?

The biggest key to our cheap color copies and color printing service is volume. A typical walk-in copy shop is lucky to print a few hundred copies in a given business day. But because we're regularly printing in the hundreds of thousands, we're able to negotiate ultra-low click rates (the cost we're charged to pass a sheet through a digital press) from our vendors, which allows us to slash prices for color copies and other products.

One side is color and one is B&W. How do I price this?

We do have a formula for saving money if one side is black and white / grayscale. This does not come into play if your quantity is less than 1,000. For a custom quote with one side color, one side B&W, please enter your job details in the calculator as Full Color, then click Save as Quote and contact us to customize your color copy job.

What paper should I use for a resume?

You want to leave a strong first impression, but you don't need to go overboard. We suggest the 32/80# Text Smooth if you're printing color copies for your resume, business proposals or anything else that requires gaining the confidence of your audience.

For a complete list of our paper types and suggested uses, check out our paper catalog.

Paper Catalog

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