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Image Resolution

Resolution, also known as DPI (Dots Per Inch) or PPI (Pixels Per Inch), can be described as the number of dots that fit horizontally and vertically into a one-inch space. Generally, the more dots per inch, the more detail captured and the sharper the resulting image. But don't go overboard as your file size will quickly get huge.

2" x 6"-600+ x 1800+ pixels800 x 2400 pixels
4.25" x 5.5"-1275+ x 1650+ pixels1700 x 2200 pixels
8.5" x 3.67"-2550+ x 1101+ pixels3400 x 1468 pixels
8.5" x 5.5"-2550+ x 1650+ pixels3400 x 2200 pixels
4.25" x 11"-1275+ x 3300+ pixels1700 x 4400 pixels
8.5" x 11"-2550+ x 3300+ pixels3400 x 4400 pixels
8.5" x 11"-2550+ x 3300+ pixels3400 x 4400 pixels
8.5" x 14"-2550+ x 4200+ pixels3400 x 5600 pixels
11" x 17"-3300+ x 5100+ pixels4400 x 6800 pixels
12" x 18"-3600+ x 5400+ pixels4800 x 7200 pixels
18" x 24"1800+ x 2400+ pixels3600+ x 4800+ pixels5400 x 7200 pixels
24" x 24"2400+ x 2400+ pixels4800+ x 4800+ pixels7200 x 7200 pixels
24" x 36"2400+ x 3600+ pixels4800+ x 7200+ pixels7200 x 10800 pixels
24" x 48"2400+ x 4800+ pixels4800+ x 9600+ pixels7200 x 14400 pixels
24" x 60"2400+ x 6000+ pixels4800+ x 12000+ pixels7200 x 18000 pixels
36" x 36"3600+ x 3600+ pixels7200+ x 7200+ pixels10800 x 10800 pixels
36" x 48"3600+ x 4800+ pixels7200+ x 9600+ pixels10800 x 14400 pixels
36" x 60"3600+ x 6000+ pixels7200+ x 12000+ pixels10800 x 18000 pixels

What Can We Print for You Today?

If this is your first time visiting DocuCopies, welcome! Most people who search for information about pixels per inch, converting pixels to DPI / PPI or how many pixels are in 8.5x11, are doing so because they're designing something for print.

DocuCopies features a wide range of printing products and services. You can use the navigation list or the search bar at the top of the site to find the printing service you want. Here are a few popular ones:

Book Printing ServicesBOOK PRINTING

Our book printing services include Spiral, Perfect, Wire-o, Saddle Stitch and Comb binding, as well as 3-ring Binders.

Perfect bound booklets are softcover books printed with a spine, like the type typically sold by retailers.

Menu Printing for RestaurantsRESTAURANT MENUS
Helping You Reopen Safely!
  • Single Use Menus
    (Disposable / Recyclable)
  • Laminated Menus *
  • Waterproof / Tearproof *
  • Floor Decals / Stickers
  • Vinyl Banners, Posters and Clings
* Can be disinfected between uses
Print Cheap FlyersCHEAP FLYERS

You need a lot, you need them fast and you don't want to overpay. We've got you covered with high quality, cheap flyers shipped fast. Choose from a wide range of paper weights and finishes as low as 5¢ each.