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Free Shipping!

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Made in the USA

Made in the USA

From our custom website to our customer service, everything is produced in CA & WI.

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Free Shipping!

Free Shipping!

Free UPS ground shipping on orders over $125. Excludes Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

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Made in USA

From our custom website to our customer service, everything is produced in CA & WI.


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Online Printing Services Since 2003

Cheap printing prices since 1982!

Order print services online with for the highest quality, cheapest printing and best customer service in the business. Bulk printing deals, frequent coupons, and phenomenol color printing quality help make us the best-rated online printing service for 20+ years.

Many customers say our biggest differentiator is the customer service. While other companies may have similar products, printing prices or turnaround times, we proudly dance circles around the competition where service is concerned. Give us a call or place a print order to find out for yourself.

PDF Document Printing

Print documents cheap and high-quality right from your PDF file. Order custom-printed NCR forms, letterhead, flyers, bound presentations, and more. PDF format is recommended for document printing, but we can also take JPGs, TIFFs and PNGs at no additional charge.

Printing your documents from other programs requires converting them to PDF first. There is a $9.95 charge per cart item if we need to do this for you. Get free shipping on carts over $125, or choose a rush printing service with delivery as soon as tomorrow. Click below for details.

Need Rush Printing Delivered Fast?

See options for Rush Printing Services with Guaranteed Delivery.

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Production Facilities

Hudson, Wisconsin
Hudson, Wisconsin
— Printing for MN & WI since 1982!

Our Hudson location serves the regions roughly east of the Rockies. This provides 1 day ground shipping to Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

San Luis Obispo, California
San Luis Obispo, California

Opened in 2012, our California printing center produces all orders from the Pacific to the Rockies, along with any overflow from the Midwest. Most California orders get free ground shipping in 1 day.

Online Printing Services FAQ

Got questions before you order printing online?

Check here to see if they've already been answered, or contact us if you still have questions.

What online printing services do you offer?

We specialize in color copies and color printing, book binding, saddle stitch booklets, flyers, large format posters, banners, brochures and more. Use the navigation menu to see all of our printing services.

Where can I print documents?

Document printing is fast and affordable at It's in our name for a reason! If you're only looking for a couple copies of a document, printing near you may be faster and more convenient. But printing documents online with is the best option if you're printing any volume, especially color documents.

Most documents print 8.5x11 (letter size), 8.5x5.5" (half-letter size), 8.5x14 (legal size) or 11x17 (tabloid size). There are also international/European sizes, such as A4, which are based on the metric system. These sizes have been converted approximately to inches on the quote/order forms.

Are printing services near me expensive?

Online printing services are usually cheaper than print shops near you. While local print companies may offer hometown familiarity and the confidence of face-to-face interaction, they generally cannot come close to our cheap printing prices. Our high volume allows us to negotiate a lower click-rate (the price we are charged by our suppliers for each sheet passed through the machine). And our efficiency-optimized binding and finishing department is set up to bind books and perform other finishing services with astounding speed.

Printers near me have samples. How can I be sure of your quality?

We understand one of the benefits of local printing companies is that you can often see the first copy, or proof, without having it shipped. If you'd like to see generic samples of our printing quality, we can send a spiral bound sample book at no cost. This contains color printing on all of our paper stocks so you can compare the thickness, finish and print quality. Just email us your sample request and let us know your address.

If you do want a hard copy proof, you can select this on the order form under Show More Options. The cost will be displayed automatically and includes 2-day shipping or faster. You will not be charged until you receive your proof, make edits as necessary and give us approval to print.

Where can I make inexpensive copies?

Color copies are more accessible and affordable than ever thanks to digital printing. Click here for instant color copy pricing. Online print shops like tend to offer the best prices and service options, due in part to the large volume of color printing we do every day. Local printing and copying companies near you may offer this service on a walk-in basis, but due to the relatively small volume, you're likely to pay much more per copy than you will printing online.

Is cheap printing good quality?

Print quality is our top concern. All our printing services are performed in house on state-of-the-art equipment. The primary factors affecting your print quality are the files you send and the paper you select. Our printing presses are digital, which makes setting up and printing each job much faster and easier than traditional ink processes, such as offset printing. The quality gap between digital printing and offset has been minimized over the last decade-plus, which has made high-quality color printing affordable for everyone. We use flagship models of high-speed digital printers from the top manufacturers in the industry to ensure every job we produce looks spectacular. And because of the large volume we print every day, we can price our printing to compete with or beat the biggest names in the business.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a process where images are transferred from digital files (typically a PDF) onto a variety of substrates. Unlike offset printing, which uses ink, digital printing typically uses toner. This colored, waxy substance is melted onto the paper and fused to the surface with a heat process. This eliminates the need for printing plates, costly setups, and the overall mess involved with ink presses. And unlike the cheap photocopies you might expect from the technology of decades past, modern digital printing produces vivid colors and exceptional detail. In most cases, our print quality is close to what you'd get from offset printing.

How can I get a printing price quote?

First, locate the printing service or product you're interested in. Our top services are listed under Featured Products, but you can find the entire list of printing services on the navigation menu. Click on the service you want.

If it's a category page, such as Book Printing, you'll see a number of products separated by their binding type, use or other distinctions. Click on the specific product you want, and this will bring up the order form.

As you enter the job specifications necessary to calculate your printing price, you will see the cost displayed at the head and foot of the calculator. Once your information is entered, click Save as Quote to come back to it later, or Add to Cart to continue with checkout.

How fast are your online printing services?

Print services which have no finishing generally ship within 2-4 business days. By finishing, we mean anything we do to the paper after printing and before it goes into the box. Jobs which do not have finishing include flat (unfolded) color copies, flyers, posters, and stapled booklets, which are saddle-stitched by a finishing unit as they come off the press (rather than bound by hand like our other book binding options).

Jobs with finishing typically ship in 3-5 business days. This includes our book printing services (except stapled booklets), any flat sheets with bleeds (where printing goes to the edge), folded brochures, notepads, NCR forms, mailing, and jobs with perforation or other finishing.

How do I print my book online?

To begin your book printing journey, first you'll want to decide what kind of binding you want. You can see our book binding options on the Book Printing page.
Book Printing

Once you've decided, click on the product to go to the pricing and order form. As you enter your details, the cost calculator will show your total cost, as well as your cost-per-book so that you can easily plan your retail selling price when appropriate.

For large book printing jobs, it never hurts to start off with a hard copy proof, which can be selected on the order form under Show More Options. You can select this on the order form under Show More Options. The cost will be displayed automatically and includes 2-day shipping or faster. You will not be charged until you receive your proof, make edits as necessary and give us approval to print.

Do you charge sales tax?

Most states do require us to collect sales tax. The sales tax cost is based on the local rate where your job is delivered. Many states do offer exemptions for some printing jobs, such as those placed by nonprofit organizations, government agencies and resellers. But each state's tax law is different, as is the required documentation you must provide to claim exemption.

To learn more about the exemptions available in your state, visit your state's tax board website. You can also see a list of certificates and forms available for each state here:
Sales Tax Exemption Forms

What is your reprint / refund policy?

We aim to provide the best quality possible on all our print services. All jobs are inspected for quality and accuracy when moving through each stage of prepress and production. If there is an error in printing or bindery which we do not catch that makes your job unusable, we will replace the job as quickly as possible. In the case of missed deadlines or other extenuating circumstances where a reprint will not suffice, refunds or store credits may be issued. We encourage customers to check their files carefully before ordering, as we cannot assume responsibility for errors which were overlooked by you when proofing, or issues which were already present in your files (e.g. low resolution photos, inconsistent alignment, etc). For more about our policies, please view our Terms of Service. Terms of Service

What file formats do you accept and which one is better?

PDF format is preferred because this does the best job of preserving all your file's design elements, images, fonts, sizing and other visual aspects. This is also the only file format our printing presses will accept. File types which are not PDF, JPG or PNG will require you to approve a PDF proof before we print. This may entail a $9.95 charge, so please convert files to PDF in advance whenever possible.

How do I place a custom printing order or request a custom quote?

Our online printing services are customized to give instant prices on at least 95% of the jobs we print. But there are occasional custom printing requests which the order form does not offer.

To request a custom quote, please make sure your request is not already an automated option on the cost calculator. You may need to click Show More Options to see it.

If you still need a custom quote, click Custom Quote Request. Enter your details in the Job Notes, and submit your request. We will get back to you with your custom quote price or any questions as quickly as possible.

Do you store files from previous orders?

Yes we do. Many of our customers are repeat clients who absolutely love the ease with which previous jobs can be reordered.

Reorders can be placed from the Orders page when logged in. Click the Reorder button beneath the item you want to duplicate. You'll see 2 options: Reorder and Reuse Same File, and Reorder and Upload New Files. In either case, this will load the job details on the pricing and order form, and you can make any changes to page count, quantity, or other specifications as necessary.

Can I download a file from a previous order?

We typically only store your originally uploaded files under your account for 2 years. For this reason, we do not recommend using our file upload system as a cloud storage service for print files. While we usually can retrieve original uploads from further back, there are additional charges to retrieve these files off of our archive server, and you would be better off centralizing your print files on any number of free cloud storage services, such as Google Docs / Google Drive.

Do you provide proofs?

We can email you a digital proof free of charge if you request this in the job notes. For books and booklets, these will be displayed like an actual book, which you can “flip” through on the screen and see how the pages are sequenced from left to right, as well as the binding and margin areas.

The base price for a hard copy (printed) proof is $25, plus 10¢ per page. This includes 2-day shipping or faster. To do this, place your order as normal and choose "Send Hard Copy Proof" at the bottom of the order form. You are not automatically charged at checkout and no charges will be made until you review the proof and let us know how to proceed.

If you'd like to see generic samples of our printing quality, we can send a spiral bound sample book at no cost. This contains color printing on all of our paper stocks so you can compare the thickness, finish and print quality. Just email us your sample request and let us know your address.

Can you print mixed color jobs, for example a book that has color printing and black and white?

If your document has less than 33% color pages inside, there will generally be some cost savings to price out the B&W pages separately. We have a one-size fits all formula for this type of job, so in some cases (generally those with small quantities and/or small page counts) there is no benefit and it's better to price it as color.

The fastest way to get this information is to enter your job details on the appropriate order form as a full color job, then click the Custom Quote Request button. Specify in the notes how many pages are color versus B&W. Click submit, and we will get back to you with your custom price.

For color copies where the back side is B&W, there is a simpler formula, but this does not math out to savings with quantities below about 3000.

Can you ship to multiple addresses?

Yes we can. To split your shopping cart in various per-item quantities to different addresses, choose “Split Ship” on the review-order page once all your items are in the cart. This will prompt you to add more shipping profiles to your account, after which you can designate which quantities of which items go where.

While you will not get the benefit of our free shipping offer for every address, you will still get free shipping to the address with the largest quantity, provided you don't add a rush delivery option.

Do you ship internationally?

We're sorry but we currently only ship to the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Cards, Paypal, ACH and Check. For Rush Delivery, only credit cards may be used.

In most cases, credit cards are preferred. This allows for the least chance of processing delay, because we can simply charge your card once we have your files setup and confirm your order was placed correctly.

Paypal is the next most common payment option. But this cannot be chosen with a Rush Delivery service. This is because we must first confirm the order was placed correctly and that the files will print correctly. We then email you a payment link, which interfaces your account with Paypal checkout. But because many emails get missed or go to spam, this step often pushes the job past the daily production cutoff required to guarantee rush delivery, and the delivery date is no longer available for the same price.

ACH Payments are preferred for customers who order large volume jobs and/or order frequently. This minimizes our processing fees and provides greater stability in ordering, since customers don't need to worry about expiration dates, new card numbers, and other common credit card hang ups.

Personal and business checks may also be used, but production will not begin until the checks are received.

Can you ship blind to my customer?

Yes we can. Blind Shipping means your job will be shipped without any promotional materials, receipts or packaging that identifies us as the manufacturer. This makes drop-shipping your brokered print jobs to clients seamless and confidential. To use Blind Shipping, you must save a separate shipping profile for your own address so that this can show as the Return Address on the shipping label.

Can I become a reseller?

Our reseller program is available exclusively to clients who work in the printing or graphics industries who are brokering jobs out for their clients. Resellers enjoy 10% store credit for each shipped job, as well as automatic Blind Shipping and priority production. Note: not all who "resell" their product are eligible for the reseller program. For example, self published authors do not qualify because they are sourcing their own products with us and selling them retail as authors, not as printers or print brokers.

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Professional Printing Since 1982.

For over 40 years, we've taken pride in providing outstanding color printing quality and service to customers in our area and across the country. As one of the first online printing companies, we work hard to maintain the highest color printing quality and service.

Online Printing Services Since 2003.

Live help from our friendly customer service agents is available by phone or email during regular business hours. Each order is assigned to a dedicated representative who will setup your files for print and communicate with you about any questions or issues that arise in the prepress or printing process.

A number of years ago we had the opportunity to create a commercial with a couple of local Minnesota stars: former Timberwolf John Thomas and former Timberwolves President and 1969 AFL-NFL Champion, Bob Stein.

Online Printing Resources

It helps to have some knowledge before ordering printing services online. Our in-house creative team is always adding more content like articles, videos and other useful information. Check out our Online Printing Resources for ideas, tips and extended knowledge on graphics and printing.
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Printing Service Guide

Printing services use a lot of industry-specific lingo. Don't get stuck on terminology or technical requirements. Below are some helpful guides to get you started on your custom printing project. Check out our Printing Glossary for an overview of printing terms and lingo.

Design/Setup Guides

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What Does Collate Mean?

Learn about the different ways pages can be arranged.

Paper Options

Explore dozens of standard and specialty paper stocks to customize your print project.

File Quality and Resolution

Make sure your files are setup to print with the highest quality. Learn about pixels per inch (PPI, DPI) and how it applies to image quality and digital printing.

Terms of Service

Nothing sneaky here, but it doesn't hurt to read this so you know what to expect regarding cutoff times, proofs, rush deliveries and other details.

PDF Printing Help

Most online printing services prefer or require PDF files (Portable Document Format). This preserves quality and formatting between computers better than JPG or other image formats. Learn how to create a PDF here.