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Quality Wedding Programs, Funeral Programs and More

Print event programs affordably for any occasion:

  • Wedding Programs
  • Funeral/Memorial Programs
  • School Sports Schedules
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Confirmation Programs
  • Theater Playbills
  • Dance Recital Programs
  • Event/Festival Guides

Customize your printed programs with a wide range of specialty paper stocks, finishes, custom sizes, folds and more.

Event Program Printing: Specialties

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Wedding Programs: Your event is expensive enough already, so it should be a relief that you can get cheap wedding programs printed without sacrificing on quality. Leave your guests stunned and your bank account happy with gorgeous programs printed cheap for wedding receptions and ceremonies.

Funeral Programs: You want to honor your loved ones and give your friends and family a keepsake that will last a lifetime. Choose Folded Programs or Program Booklets to print your funeral programs. This leaves lots of space to include photos, dedications, quotations and other things that keep their memory alive.

Event Programs / Team Rosters / Playbills: Our program booklets are the best way to include a lot of information in a small printed program. We recommend booklet printing for funeral programs, event guides, church programs, bat / bar mitzvah dedications and more. Common sizes include 5.5x8.5", 7x8.5" and 8.5x11." If you need to print programs for funerals, religious events, performing arts or sports teams, look no further.

Program Cards

Keep your printed programs short and sweet with a single cardstock sheet. This attractive product is perfect for printing wedding programs as well as program printing for galas, fundraisers and other formal events.

  • Specialty Paper: Smooth, Gloss, Linen and Metallic
  • Custom sizes available
  • Bundle with invitations for mailing

Folded Programs

Folded programs are a great option for any type of event since just one folded sheet creates 4 printed pages of content. This provides plenty of space for memorable photos, passages and dedications when you print folded wedding programs, funeral programs, event guides and other materials.

Choose an 11x17" folded in half for 8.5x11 program printing, or start with 8.5x11" folded down to 5.5x8.5" for a smaller printed program that fits in the back pocket.

Program Booklets (8+ Pages)

Stapled booklets are an excellent choice for printing programs with lots of content. Program booklets are commonly 8 to 16 pages, making this product perfect for dance recitals, team schedules/rosters, theater program printing and more.

Perfect For:
  • Funeral Programs
  • Team Rosters / Schedules
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Theater Productions
  • Dance Recitals
  • Performing Arts
How quick can I get funeral programs printed?

Ground shipping is free on carts over $125 with normal turnaround time. Once it leaves our facility, delivery time depends on your location:
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Rush Delivery If circumstances didn't leave you enough time to plan, don't panic. We have rush delivery services so you can get your job as quickly as tomorrow (daily cutoffs are at 10am).

Once you enter billing and shipping information, the shopping cart will display a delivery calendar which includes the rush prices to receive your job quicker than the standard delivery window. Let us know if you have any questions on this.

What do you recommend to print funeral programs?

Choosing the right way to honor a loved one's life and memory is no easy task. But the last thing you want to worry about is space constraints in your printed materials. For this reason, we recommend an 8-page booklet to print funeral programs and celebrations of life. This leaves plenty of room to fill pages with photos, religious passages, memories, dedications from friends and family and more.

For paper, we recommend at least 28/70# Laser Smooth for your inside pages. This medium-weight paper reproduces photos and color beautifully and has a high opacity, meaning there is minimal showthrough to the backside.

If you have a lot of photos and color, or want to avoid any showthrough from one side to the other, consider printing funeral programs on the 32/80# Text Gloss. This has a semi-glossy finish like magazine paper which makes photos and colors pop and eliminates any showthrough to the backside.

What do you recommend to print wedding programs?

When it comes to wedding program printing, you want the presentation to match the event -- beautiful, memorable and classy. For this reason we recommend using a specialty paper like Linen or Metallic cardstock. Linen finish has a crosshatch pattern which gives it a pleasing, textured feeling and luxurious appearance. Metallic finishes are created with a mica-dust coating which makes the paper look metallic and reflects light in unique and interesting ways.

If neither of those papers suit your tastes, the 16-pt Extra Thick Smooth is great for printing wedding programs too. This is a heavy-duty cardstock with a smooth finish which displays color beautifully. Of course if you prefer glossy wedding programs, print on the 16-pt Extra Thick Gloss.

Not sure whether to order folded programs for your wedding? The decision between rack-card/postcard wedding programs and folded programs ultimately comes down to how much content you want to include. Both types include the same paper choices, and cardstock sheets are scored (creased) before they are folded to ensure a clean, professional fold on each wedding program.

If you have a lot information to include, or if you're bundling your wedding ceremony and reception into one program, we recommend you select Folded Programs. If you're only making programs for one or the other, or "short and sweet" fits your wedding's theme better, try the single sheet program cards with a special finish for your special day.

I have an event coming up, what kind of program should I print?

From student orientation booklets to graduation programs, no two events are alike. So you'll need to choose the right type of printed program for the job.

For short events without a lot of names to list, a folded program should work fine. But for longer events like festivals, graduation ceremonies, convention guides, tradeshow programs or any printed program which includes a lot of names or information, we recommend stapled booklets. This is the least expensive binding type and can fit a lot of information in a small package.

How do I avoid show-through to the backside of my pages?

If you need 100% opacity with virtually no show-through, we recommend the 32/80# Text Smooth/Gloss or higher for your programs. This also displays photos and colors beautifully compared to cheaper copy paper like 20/50# Bond or 24/60# Laser Smooth.

For printing where most of the content is text, most people are happy with 28/70# Text Smooth. This is a mid-weight paper and has minimal show-through, which is much less noticeable with text-oriented pages.

Will I receive a digital proof before you print my program?

We typically do not automatically send a digital proof, so make sure to request this in the notes if you need one.

However in some cases we must send a proof and receive approval before we can print:

  • If you upload a file which isn't JPG, PNG or PDF
  • Any time you request file editing
  • If we happen notice something doesn't look quite right