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Cheap Flyer Printing

Print Cheap Flyers for Effective Promotion

If you want to get your flyers printed cheap but have hesitation about ordering printing online, you are not alone. With such a wide variance in prices it's easy to be skeptical of anyone offering cheap flyer printing, especially when you can't see their quality in person.

We helped trailblaze the golden age of online printing way back when Google results were still called Yahoo results. But there are so many companies to choose from now. Who has the cheapest flyers?

Because high-volume online printing companies like ours are making thousands of flyers every day, we can offer a much lower price per piece than you'll see in your neighborhood or other online print services.

Advantages to Printing Cheap Flyers with DocuCopies

  • Low prices on flyers and other services
  • Wide range of paper choices, from basic copy paper to glossy cardstock
  • Free digital PDF proof (request in job notes)
  • Free shipping on carts over $125 (Contiguous U.S. only)

Flyer printing is one of the most popular promotional methods for good reason. If you need to print flyers that look amazing and cost pennies a piece, you've made the first step in the right direction by going online. But if you also want the best quality and friendliest customer service in the industry, get your cheap flyers printed with DocuCopies.

Tips for Ensuring the Best Quality Flyer Printing
  • Design in CMYK
    This is the color profile most printers use. Computer screens use RGB by default. While some images print slightly different if converted to CMYK before printing, this is the safest way to anticipate and plan around any color shifting.
  • Resolution should be 300 DPI/PPI (dots/pixels per inch)
    This is the minimum recommendation for crisp, clear images that aren't blurry or pixelated. Don't forget to check imported photos!
  • Decide if you need bleed printing before beginning the design.
    Without bleeds, there will be a 1/4" white margin around the edge. Leaving a margin helps keep the flyers cheap, but some designs just don't look as good without printing to the edge.
  • Order a Printed Proof if color accuracy is crucial.
    Computer monitors cannot display all the colors that our printers reproduce, and your individual screen settings may affect the accuracy as well. Ordering a printed proof ensures you'll know exactly how your flyer printing will turn out before committing to the whole job.


Why should I promote with cheap flyers?

If you're promoting a business, service or event that has broad appeal, you can print cheap flyers to maximize your impact while minimizing your marketing costs. Most people will know within a few seconds whether they're interested, so it doesn't always make sense to spend extra money on fancy paper, heavy cardstock or other luxury options.

For those times when cheap flyers will suffice, stick with the 20/50# Bond or 24/60# Text Smooth papers (available in white and colors).

What is collating?

If you are ordering more than 1 original (or 2 if double sided) you'll need to decide if you want your printing collated. Collating refers to the order in which sheets are sequenced. If you're ordering 5 different flyers for different events, for example, you'll want to keep those separate by choosing "Not Collated." If the pages need to read in sequence, choose "Collated."

What Does Collate Mean?

How do you count pages for double sided flyers?

When printing double sided, each side counts as its own page. So 1 double sided sheet is 2 pages.

So the "# of Pages in File" will always be the same whether single or double sided. When you choose double sided on the order form this will automatically recalculate the difference for the cost of paper, but the number of pages is not affected.

I have multiple flyers. Can I order them together?

Yes you can -- as long as you want the same quantity and the same type of paper. Otherwise, they will have to be separate cart items.

  1. Enter the total number of pages (1 per flyer if single sided, 2 if double sided).
  2. Enter the total number of copies you want of each flyer.
  3. Choose "Collated: NOT Collated, each page in separate stacks."

Should I upgrade my paper type?

While getting the message out en masse is your goal, this doesn't necessarily mean you have to go with the cheapest flyers available. In fact, depending on what you're promoting you may want to choose a high-quality paper anyway. If your flyer uses a lot of photos or colorful graphics to get the message across, we recommend upgrading your paper.

For lots of graphics and photos, we recommend the 32/80# Text Gloss or 100# Text Gloss. Both have a semigloss finish similar to magazine paper and a heavy weight and thickness which conveys pure prestige.

For a good midgrade paper that costs less and still looks and feels professional, we recommend the 28/70# Text Smooth. This letterhead-grade paper has a brilliant, smooth finish which captures photos and graphics beautifully, making it a very popular choice for printing business flyers.

What can I do to make my flyer stand out?

Your flyers are always competing for someone's attention. Sometimes that calls for something special. Give your flyers a shot in the spotlight with these upgrades:

  • Bleeds (Printing to the Edge)
    By default, flyers print with a .25" blank margin around the edges. But some flyers, especially ones with photos and graphics, look much better printed to the edge of the page. This is called a Bleed. While there is a little more cost involved because of the extra cutting, some flyers just aren't quite complete without it.
  • Metallics and Linens
    While your printed content can speak volumes, the paper you print on speaks another language all together. Check out our options for Linen paper (available in text weight and cardstock). Or if the medium suits your message, electrify your flyer printing with our 100# Cover Metallic paper. These heavy cardstocks have a metallic coating that is impossible to forget.
  • High-Gloss C1S
    Our regular gloss papers have a semigloss finish, which is similar to a magazine page. If you want a shinier gloss more like photo paper, try printing flyers on our 12-pt Cover High-Gloss C1S. This is a heavy cardstock which is "Coated 1 Side" (C1S), meaning you can still write on the backside.

Do you do handbills / club flyers?

Yes we do. The pricing calculator has an assortment of popular flyer sizes available. To see more sizes, check out the Postcards order form.

Club Flyers / Postcards

"Always professional and timely. We use them every quarter to print and fold about 5,000 flyers. Thank you!"Kristin S. - FL

"Fantastic in every way. The email communication was quick and efficient and actually pleasant! Copies arrived as scheduled to two separate delivery locations ... you are the best!"Kerry O. - MI

"Great quality prints, and really like that we could shrink wrap into bundles. Also made it very easy to ship flyers to the hotel we would be staying at. We will definitely use DocUCopies in the future."Sarah V. - WA

"We use Docucopies four times each year for printing promotional flyers. Love the quality, price, ease, and turnaround time. I was even late, according to my timeline, this past order, but because you are so efficient was still able to get the flyers in the mail on time."Patrick M. - TX

"The flyers look absolutely fabulous! Great job, Thank you."Raymond J. - AL

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