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10% Store Credit

Earn 10% Back on Every Order

Reselling with pays!

Earn 10% store credit on every resale order. Credit is paid when the order ships.

Use credit on future orders to bring more profit to your bottom line.

Automatic Blind Shipping

Automatic Blind Shipping

Brokered print jobs for resale automatically arrive in unmarked boxes with no promotional materials or invoices inside.

Ship straight to your customer or to your business for inspection, branding or repackaging before final delivery.

Pay No Sales Tax on Orders

Pay No Sales Tax On Printing

Most states allow resellers to avoid sales tax on items intended for resale. Each state requires different documentation. Avoid delays by gathering these materials ahead of time:

Tax Exemption Forms & Instructions

*Requires $1,000 minimum quarterly printing volume (averaged annually). Store credit not to be combined with any other referral/affiliate/reseller program. Percentage is taken from Order Total, not including rush delivery charges or sales tax.

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Your clients depend on you.

They expect quality print products and timely service at a reasonable price. You expect to turn a profit on your resale. Sometimes, it's hard to meet both needs without giving your client sticker shock. But you don't want to send them to a competitor.

You can depend on us.

Whether you're a printing company who's too backed up to meet a deadline, or a graphic designer brokering print services to resell to your client for the first time, this program is for you.