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Mailing Services

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Postcard Mailing

1st Class Postcards
  • Fast Delivery! 1-3 business day delivery once printed and mailed.
  • Minimum of 500 mailing addresses required.
  • Postage: 28.3¢ - 46.5¢ depending on size.
  • Upload your mailing list (excel file) with your postcard artwork.
3rd Class Postcards
  • Economical but slow. 3-18 business day delivery once printed and mailed depending on location and USPS.
  • Minimum of 250 mailing addresses required.
  • Postage: 30.7¢
  • Upload your mailing list (Excel or CSV file) with your postcard artwork.
EDDM Postcards
  • Mail all addresses in an area quickly. 2-4 business day delivery once printed and mailed.
  • Select the areas you want mailed on an easy to use map.
  • Lowest postage rate! (calculator will show current USPS rate)
  • No mailing list required. Target your areas, place your order and you're done.
Book Mailing
  • Mail individual books to students, clients and customers.
  • Books are mailed in padded envelopes.
  • Upload your mailing list at checkout.
  • Exact mailing service used will depend on individual book weight.

Other Mailing Services

Brochures / Letters: Self-Mailers (No Envelopes)

Instead of mailing your brochure or letter in an envelope, we will fold and tab your piece closed so that it can be mailed. We use perforated wafer seals so that the piece can easily be opened once received. If you have any questions about placing this kind of order please contact us.

Letter Stuffed Envelopes

The perfect solution if you are looking to mail a letter or confidential material in an envelope. We will fold and insert a single sheet into an envelope before sealing it to be mailed. Multiple sheets or pieces can be inserted for additional cost. The envelope will be printed with your return address artwork, delivery addresses, and our first class mailing indicia. To place an order like this will require two separate items in your shopping cart. First, you will fill out an order form for the letter with folding (if inserting into #10 or smaller envelope) and then you will fill out an order form for the envelopes with a bulk mailing service selected. The most common type of order, an 8.5" x 11" sheet folded and inserted into a #10 envelope can be ordered by following the two links below. Basic information will be selected. Make sure to review paper selection and other options before placing the orders. If you have any questions about placing this kind of order please contact us.

Newsletters & Booklets

Do you have a multi-page newsletter or booklet that you want mailed to your subscribers? Is it becoming too much of a hassle or too big of a project? No worries! We can lighten your load by producing and mailing your newsletters or booklets for you. Because the postage will vary based on the unique size and weight of booklet mailers, you will be emailed with a final total including postage before we process your order. Don't worry, you won't be charged for anything until we have your approval.