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Online Printing Services

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Why Choose DocuCopies for Self Publishing?

Book printing and binding is our specialty. We've empowered thousands of authors, trainers, teachers and other self publishers to start off their publishing experience strong by printing books with us.

Whether you're just trying to print a few promotional copies to send to other publishers, or you're ready to print 1000 books and start selling them yourself, we're here to help.

Here are just a few of the self-publishing industries we've served:

Employee Guides and Training Manuals

Employee Guides & Training Manuals

Service for all sizes: from small non-profits to big-time manufacturing companies, we've printed everything from business charters and employee conduct guides to training manuals and equipment catalogs.

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Textbooks and Educational Materials

Textbooks / Educational Materials

Independent authors, home educators and private institutions trust DocuCopies to print and bind their textbooks, teacher guides and more.

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Recipe and Cook Books

Recipe & Cook Books

Publishing your family's best-kept culinary secrets is a great way not just to share these memory makers with the world, but an effective way to honor the memories of loved ones who've passed.

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Comic Books

Comic Books

Not just for kids anymore, this fun medium can be creatively adapted by churches, schools and even businesses for conveying information. Saddle-stitched / stapled booklets are the standard.

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Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels

The epic, "long-form" comic book alternative, graphic novels have gained momentum in the last decade for artists and authors alike. Typically longer and more adult in nature than regular comics, these are most often perfect-bound instead of saddle-stitched for a more sophisticated reading experience.

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The Road Map
To Self Publishing Success

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  1. Write Your Book!

    Research, write and re-write. Have a friend give suggestions and notes. Hire an editor to help trim the fat and bulk up the meat.
  2. Register an ISBN Number

    ISBNs are the international standard for identifying and cataloging books. We've provided some links below to help point you in the right direction. (DocuCopies is not affiliated with any of these companies and their services are provided merely for reference.)
  3. Print and Bind Your Book!

    Trying to print and bind your books yourself is like representing yourself in court: just don't do it! Even if you think you have the right tools and knowledge, your out-of-pocket costs for paper, ink, binding supplies, reprints, and other unforeseen expenses will quickly surpass the reasonable prices we offer. And you want quality books, made to last with state-of-the-art printing and binding equipment. Not stripped-down, home-office/DIY versions. This is what we do, and we stand behind our work.
  4. Distribute and Market Your Book!

    Sell them online, gift them to clients, bring them to local bookstores, go on a speaking tour... We're confident you'll find and utilize the tools appropriate to make your self-published book a success!

ISBN References:

Registering for an ISBN is essential not just to help your book "stand and be counted" in the Library of Congress and elsewhere, but for managing retail sales and stocking, tracking distribution and readership, and copyright protection.

Bowker:  (recommended on the Library of Congress website)

Bowker Copyright & ISBN Information:

ISBN Search:


Please note that is not affiliated with any of these companies, and their mention here is meant as a starting reference point rather than an endorsement.