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Spiral Bound Books

Print Spiral Bound Books for Quality, Affordable Binding.

Spiral bound booklets are popular for their low cost, amazing durability and professional presentation.

First, the book pages and covers are printed on the paper of your choice. The sheets are punched for binding, and the bindery team inserts the spirals (or coils) into the books. The spiral binding is then crimped at the ends to keep the books from unwinding. This creates an attractive, long-lasting spiral bound book, suitable for a wide range of hands-on uses.

Customize Your Spiral Booklet Printing.

Spiral bound books can be customized to suit any theme. Choose from our huge paper catalog, plus colored coils, vinyl backings, color poly covers and pocket covers. And now, get instant pricing on nearly any custom size spiral bound book, too.

The durable plastic coils come in a variety of colors: Black, Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, White, Forest Green, Pink, and Clear and are available for the same great low price.

Mail Spiral Books in Padded Envelopes
  1. Price out the printing as normal
  2. Select Bulk Mailing - Ship in Padded Envelopes
  3. Upload your Excel or CSV file with your artwork

How Spiral Binding Works:
Demo Videos

Watch a short video on how spiral booklets are made:

Spiral Bound Books FAQ

Is spiral bound book printing cheap?

After stapled booklets, spiral binding is typically the next least-expensive binding method. It is also the most durable and long lasting, so for many of our book printing customers, spiral binding is the clear choice.

You can print as few as 2 books and as many as you need. Change the quantity to see how this affects your price per book.

Is spiral binding durable?

We promote coil binding as the most durable and long-lasting option to bind your books. The coils are incredibly strong but also flexible, adding to the books' versatility for travel and storage. Their construction is particularly useful for books which will be read flat on a surface or have pages turned all the way around the back, like a notebook. This makes them incredibly popular for cookbooks, training books, employee manuals, educational materials, resident/guest directories and much more.

How much margin is needed for the coil binding?

The holes through which we spin the spirals are punched about .28" from the binding edge. Adjust your print content inward from that point to ensure your margins are even and content is centered.

How many pages can be printed in a spiral bound booklet?

Hundreds! The exact number will depend on your paper type, but our automated price calculator will let you know if your page count is getting too thick.

Can you create custom size coil bound books?

Yes we can. Simply choose the next standard size up, then click Custom Size and enter your book dimensions. The calculator will update your book price automatically.

Will I receive a digital proof before you print my books?

In most cases, we do not automatically send a digital proof, so please request this in the notes if desired. We will send a link to your proof on our website, which displays it as it will layout -- with the pages on the left and right and binding in the middle -- so you can make sure everything looks correct with the sequencing and left-to-right orientation.

But there are some cases in which we must send a proof and receive approval before we can print:

  • Files which are not JPG, PNG or PDF
  • Any time you request file edits
  • If we happen to notice something that doesn't look right

Can you mail out my books?

Yes! Simply click Bulk Mailing on the order form and choose "Mail in Padded Envelopes." Upload your mailing list with your print files at checkout. We will print and spiral bind each book, insert them individually in protective envelopes and mail them typically in 3-5 business days. The exact USPS service used will depend on each book's weight. Please note that this service may not include tracking information.

"Your work is impeccable! I can't believe how beautiful my workbooks look and how quickly you did the job and mailed them to me! I'm a devoted customer!"Susie M. - CA

"Always quality products and quality customer service. We frequently get questions about who prints our manuals and they always comment on how nice they are. Thanks for helping to make us look good."Shawn S. - VA

"I needed a less expensive way to print a huge training document and DocuCopies blew me away with the customer service and turnaround time. Will definitely use again! Thank you!"Rosey H. - NE

"I was pleased that the spiral-bound booklets came out perfectly. I was nervous about ordering bound books when I have always done the binding myself. But I'll have Docucopies do the entire job from now on. Nice work."JD S. - IL

"I wrote a 282 pg book and had no idea of how I was going to afford getting it printed up in some nice presentable form. Office Depot and all of the local printing shops wanted way too much money to accommodate my needs. Then as I was pretty much frustrated and ready just to give up, your website popped up on my phone internet screen. I thought that this was going to be " to good to be true", but then I sent an email of what I was hoping to get done and I got a quick response back. I even had this book scattered out in 9 different Word file document files, and your design department put it all together just as my instructions were given. You made everything work together perfect, and for a very affordable price. Then when I received my first shipment of spiral bound books, I was astonished at the finished project. I just couldn't believe how the whole process turned out so perfect! I have since then placed two more orders and have been able to get this Christian book distributed out in a way that I never dreamed it possible! Thank you so much in being the perfect resource in helping my ministry get the message of the Gospel out to many people all over the country! You guys are the BEST!!!"Kevin A. - LA

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Spiral Bound Book Design Tips

Spiral Binding Margin

Binding Margin

For spiral bound booklets, the binding will go into the page approximately .28". To make sure you don't have any content that goes into or is too close to the binding, we recommend at least a .5" binding margin. If you are worried how the margins on your book will look, we recommend ordering a hard copy proof first before we print all of your books.

Page Numbers

If you have page numbers in your file and are printing double sided, it is recommended to have alternating page numbers so they stay on the outer edges of the book. If you have your page numbers all on the left or right side of your pages, then half of the page numbers will be in near the binding of the book making it hard to navigate. For a professional look when printing double sided, alternate the location of the page numbers.

SizeNo BleedBleed
8.5" x 11"ZIPZIP
8.5" x 11" LandscapeZIPZIP
8.5" x 5.5"ZIPZIP
8.5" x 5.5" LandscapeZIPZIP
8.5" x 14" LandscapeZIPZIP
6" x 9"ZIPZIP
6" x 9" LandscapeZIPZIP
7" x 8.5"ZIPZIP
7" x 8.5" LandscapeZIPZIP
4.25" x 5.5"ZIPZIP
4.25" x 5.5" LandscapeZIPZIP
6.625" x 10.25"ZIPZIP
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