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Custom menus printed fast!

Order printed menus for restaurants, weddings and more. Every custom menu is unique, and every occasion or business has its own needs. We have a wide selection of menu printing services to choose from. Whether you're printing cheap menus for take-out restaurants or high-quality menu cards for weddings and corporate events, count on for quality menu printing.

Print your menus cheap today. Explore our menu types and related restaurant printing services below.

Disposable Menu Printing / Single Use

Single-use Menus

Disposable menu printing is popular for the simplicity: Print menus cheap in bulk, change the content as often as needed, and recycle each after use.

Single-use menus are perfect for high-volume, casual restaurants and fine dining. The ideal solution for restaurants whose menu items change often.

Sanitary Menu Printing (Reusable)

Waterproof Menus
  • Fully synthetic and non-porous
  • Cleans off easy without affecting the print
  • Most cost-effective option for reusable menus

Same sanitation benefits as the waterproof, but this durable 3-mil laminate adds a glossy effect and makes menus magic-marker friendly.

Children's Menu Printing

Kids Menus

Keep the kiddos entertained with coloring pictures, mazes, puzzles and more.

Dual Use:

Laminate them and give kids magic markers for reusable, sanitizable menu printing.

- OR -

Print kids menus cheap in bulk and recycle them after use.

Take Out / Delivery Menu Printing

Take Out Menu Printing

Take-out menu printing is the lifeblood of cuisine culture in America's urban centers.

Print menus for delivery bags, boxes, and counter displays. When someone wants to try a new restaurant, seeing is believing, so we recommend at least 28/70# Text Smooth or 32/80# Text Gloss for the most eye-popping image quality.

Door Hanger Menus

Door Hanger Printing

Printing menus as doorhangers is a perfect option for restaurants who are new to the area, reopening or expanding their service regions.

Lure in new customers with photos of your featured specialty dishes, Happy Hour specials, Holiday dining events and more.

Menu Card Printing

Menu Card Printing
(holders not included)

Wedding Menu Cards

Make your wedding menus memorable. Print menu cards on 100# Cover Linen or Metallic for added style and luxury.

Restaurant Menu Cards

Restaurant menu cards are perfect for printing dessert menus, appetizers, happy hour specials or any short list of featured eats.

Bound Menus

Some restaurants with full bars, huge menus or rich histories need multiple pages to sell their eats and tell their tales. Lamination and waterproof paper are also available for wire-o and spiral bound menus.

Wire and Coil Bound Menus

Plastic coil/spiral binding is affordable, durable and comes in multiple color options to match your restaurant's theme or style.


A more sophisticated alternative to plastic spirals, Wire-o binding also comes in color options and is recommended for an affordable upgrade to class-up any restaurant menu.

Other Restaurant and Food Printing Services

+ Self-Adhesive Posters and Window Clings

Whether it's your Grand Opening or your Semi-Grand Re-reopening, there's no bigger way to say your message than large format printing. All our large format products are printed with vivid, photo-quality, 9-color detail. Banners available with grommets.

Print Stickers and LabelsSTICKERS AND LABELS

Bakeries and other eateries who sell food to-go can benefit from custom label printing — especially if you're selling your products at stores, farmers markets or public events. If they ate it, they should know who made it.

Menu Printing FAQ

What's the most sanitary menu printing option?

We have several options to help you protect your team and diners:

Is menu printing affordable?

Printing menus cheap is important, but planning your menu strategy is just as important to budgeting. If your menu changes often, or you have a very high volume at certain times of day, single-use menus are your best option. These menus print cheap in bulk and can be tossed out/recycled after each customer. This eliminates the need to spray and sanitize each menu between uses, which can be cumbersome if you're short staffed or dealing with many customers at once.

If your menu doesn't change often, if you want printed menus that will last for years, or you just want to reduce your carbon footprint, printing menus with lamination or tearproof/waterproof menus will be the better choice. These can be sanitized repeatedly without degrading the print quality. Of these, waterproof is the cheaper menu printing option.

Does menu printing include folding?

We offer several folding options for menu printing which you can select on the order form. However, we cannot fold laminated menus or waterproof menus due to the material.

Most folded menu printing uses the trifold or half-fold (also called a bifold).

How fast can you print menus?

Single-use menus (paper, no folding) and waterproof/tearproof menus print and ship in 2-4 business days.

Laminated menus and those that require folding, or printing to the edge (bleed), ship in 3-5 business days.

Need them sooner? Rush Delivery is available! Go to the order form, enter your job details, then enter your ZIP code under "Delivery Options" to see guaranteed delivery dates and costs.