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Custom Printed School Yearbooks


Ship to you or direct to students!

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Class Yearbooks Keep School Spirit Alive.

School yearbooks are an essential part of a child's school experience. But just because they're not in class right now doesn't mean they can't enjoy the same thrill of opening their own yearbook for the first time.

To help you adapt and ease the transition into summer, we're offering flexible shipping options for our yearbook clients:

  1. Ship to Students: Upload your address list in Excel or CSV file format with your artwork. We'll send the yearbooks to each address in a padded envelope.
  2. Ship to Teachers / Volunteers: Some teachers and parent volunteers are dividing duties and taking yearbooks to students themselves. Use Split Shipping to send bundles of books to your helpers.
  3. Ship to One Location: If you already have a plan and just want your books ASAP, we always offer free Ground shipping to one location on carts over $125.

Choose a binding option below to get started. (You can change this later)

Spiral Bound Yearbooks

Spiral Bound Yearbooks

Pages in a spiral yearbook are punched and bound together with a single continuous plastic coil. This is the most durable and versatile yearbook binding. The spirals come in a variety of colors to help customize the books to match your school.

Perfect Bound Yearbooks

Perfect Bound Yearbooks

Perfect binding is a glue based bindery process where pages are adhered with glue to the spine of a wrap-around cardstock cover. Depending on the number of interior pages, you can print text on the spine as well.

Stapled Booklet Yearbooks

Stapled Booklet Yearbooks

Stapled or saddle-stitch binding is a process where larger sheets are printed, folded in half, and stapled twice in the gutter / fold. This lends itself well to yearbooks with a small number of pages or those looking to save on binding costs.