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Limited time offer. Valid on books, booklets & binders only.

Online booklet printing is cheap and high quality at DocuCopies. Choose from countless paper, cover and binding options to print custom books for any project. Choose a book binding service below for an instant price quote.

Printing and Binding Services

Perfect Bound Book Printing

Perfect binding holds the pages into the scored spine of the printed cover with heavy duty glue, then trims the corners square to make perfect 90° angles.

Stapled Booklet Printing

Pages are printed 2-up on each side of a larger sheet, then folded together, stapled on the fold and face-trimmed. Most popular and affordable book binding for 20 pages or less.

Comb Bound Book Printing

Comb bound books are tension-fastened with a flexible, toothed plastic semi-cylinder, or comb. This gives you the ability to add or remove pages from the book as you update material.

3 Ring Binder Book Printing

Standard round ring binders with printed covers + spines. Pages are 3-hole drilled but not inserted, since shipping like this can damage them.

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With our four decades of experience, always-low prices and bulk printing discounts up to 20% off, it's no wonder we're ratest best in the industry. Printing books with DocuCopies guarantees great service and the highest quality booklet printing online.

Custom Book Printing Made Simple.

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  • Instant Quote on Custom Book Sizes
  • Linen, Recycled, Glossy and Waterproof Paper
  • Clear, Frosted, Vinyl, Poly & Colored Covers
  • Colored Coils and Wire Binding
  • Huge Paper Catalog from Budget to High Quality
  • Print, Bind and Mail Books
  • Instant Quote on Custom Book Sizes
  • Linen, Recycled, Glossy and Waterproof Paper
  • Clear, Frosted, Vinyl, Poly & Colored Covers
  • Colored Coils and Wire Binding
  • Huge Paper Catalog from Budget to High Quality
  • Print, Bind and Mail Books

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Spiral Binding

Wire-O Binding

Perfect Binding

Printing & Binding FAQ

Got questions about online booklet printing? You're not alone. View our FAQ below or contact us if you still have questions.

How much does it cost to print and bind a book?

This depends on many variables, such as binding type, size, quantity and page count. Stapled booklets (saddle stitch) are typically the least expensive. This is common for magazines, comic books and catalogs, but less popular if you're trying to sell your book retail.

The next cheapest book printing and binding service is Spiral Bound Books. These durable plastic coils are great for technical training books, business reports, yearbooks and cookbooks. But if you want a softcover style book with a printed spine like the kind you see in stores, you'll want to choose Perfect Bound Books.

What online booklet printing services do you offer?

We print and bind spiral bound books (also called coil binding), perfect bound books (softcover style), wire-o bound books (metal wires), saddle stitch (stapled booklets), comb bound books and 3-ring binders.

How fast can I get my books?

Stapled or saddle stitch booklets typically ship in 2-4 business days. If the pages Bleed (meaning print goes to the edge of the sheets), these usually ship in 3-5 business days.

Other book binding types (Spiral Binding, Perfect Binding, Wire-o Binding, Comb Binding and 3 Ring Binders) generally ship in 3-5 business days, regardless of bleeds/no bleeds.

What's the difference between book and booklet printing?

In our experience, many people use both words interchangeably. Technically, booklets generally refer to smaller books, usually with paper covers. But because of the common dual usage, you may find us referring to both books and booklets on the website depending on the product and context. The binding method used for your printed books is more useful when talking about what kind of books or booklets you're printing.

What kind of book printing and binding should I order?

For books of a technical, business or educational nature, we recommend Spiral or Wire-O binding for your book printing. Spiral binding is the most long-lasting and allows you to flip pages all the way around the back 180° while laying flat, which is a must-have feature for many book uses. We recommend spiral binding for cookbooks, yearbooks, catalogs, work books, training manuals and more.

Wire-O is similar but instead of a plastic coil binding, Wire-O uses a double-loop wire which is inserted and clamped closed inside the back cover. While this does allow for relatively flat reading, flipping pages around the back can over time bend the wire. So you may need to re-tighten the clamping in the back depending on the way your books are used.

If you're printing books read for pleasure, such as novels, poetry anthologies, family histories or books meant to be sold retail, perfect bound books are the best option. This is the only method that has a printable spine. Perfect bound booklets are a softcover-type book similar to what's commonly found in bookstores. The pages are glued firmly into the spine of the cardstock cover, and the finisher trims the edges even to create a "perfect" 90° angle.

Can you print custom size books?

Yes we can, and you can now get automated pricing on your custom book sizes. Simply choose the next size up on the automated order forms, then click the Custom Size button just below that. Enter your desired custom book size and the calculator will show your price.

What paper should I use for inside pages?

We recommend printing book pages on at least 24/60# Laser Smooth paper. If your pages are mostly text, this thickness may be sufficient. If you're printing double sided and have a lot of photos or color, we recommend the 28/70# Laser Smooth or heavier to avoid most show-through from one side to the other.

If your book is very heavy with color photos, graphics and other visual stimuli, we highly recommend upgrading to the 32/80# Glossy Text or 100# Glossy Text. This heavy text paper has a semigloss finish which works wonders for making color and photos pop off the page.

How do you offer such cheap book printing and binding?

Our booklet printing services are geared with volume in mind. Because of the sheer volume of printing we do in general, we are able to negotiate extremely low click rates (the price we're charged each time a sheet is printed) which we use to leverage our competitive prices across all products. In plain English, we can afford to slash prices because of how much we print. We've also put our decades of experience to use in creating an efficient, largely automated workflow that saves time and labor in each step of production.

Book Templates

ZIP files contain templates in JPG, EPS and Illustrator formats.
SizeNo BleedBleed
8.5" x 11" BooksZIPZIP
8.5" x 11" Landscape BooksZIPZIP
8.5" x 5.5" BooksZIPZIP
8.5" x 5.5" Landscape BooksZIPZIP
8.5" x 14" Landscape BooksZIPZIP
6" x 9" BooksZIPZIP
6" x 9" Landscape BooksZIPZIP
7" x 8.5" BooksZIPZIP
7" x 8.5" Landscape BooksZIPZIP
4.25" x 5.5" BooksZIPZIP
4.25" x 5.5" Landscape BooksZIPZIP
6.625" x 10.25" BooksZIPZIP

Book Printing Reference Guide

Perfect bound book spine-width calculator

Spine Width Calculator

Enter paper type and page count to calculate your spine width and printable area for perfect covers.

PDF Files

File Setup Guidelines

Learn about image resolution, margins, bleeds, color profiles and more.

Embed Your Fonts

Paper Catalog

Learn about the many paper options we offer for printing your books.