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Custom calendar binding options

Cheap Calendar Printing

Create your own calendars for business, gifts and more.

Custom Calendar Printing is Affordable and High-Quality.

Order custom calendar printing today. High-quality cheap calendar printing is great for promotional gifts, family reunions, retail sales and more.

We have several calendar binding options. Start by choosing your Design Option, then choose the binding option for your custom calendar printing.

Print your custom calendars below!

Upload a Completed Design
You designed the photos, month, days and everything else. Your custom calendar is ready to print.
Design Online
Use our calendar designer to automatically insert custom dates/events, add photos, text and graphics.
Your Photos + Our Months
Upload your photos, and we'll put them in our calendar template and email you a PDF proof.
Stapled Booklet Calendars

Stapled Calendars

Staple binding is how most calendars are printed. These calendars are printed as a stapled booklet (saddle-stitched) where pages must be in multiples of 4. This type of calendar requires a minimum of 28 pages.

Spiral Bound Calendars

Spiral Bound Calendars

Unlike stapled calendars, spiral calendars can be printed with any amount of pages. This allows more flexibility for your number of months, notes pages, featured products/services or other content.

Wire-O Bound Calendar

Wire-O Bound Calendars

Wire-O bound calendars are assembled with a metal wire instead of a plastic coil. They tend to maintain better registration across the gutter/binding area than spiral, since the spiral is a coil, while the teeth of the wires run parallel to the paper's edge.



A bleed is where printing goes all the way to the edge of the page. This is also sometimes called borderless printing.



With non-bleed printing 1/4" white margin will be added along the edge of the page.

Custom Calendar Themes

Order custom calendars online today. High-quality, cheap calendar printing is great for any occasion. Here are just a few examples...

Cheap calendar printing

Photo Calendars

Print custom calendars to sell in stores and online. Perfect for funny animal photos, landscapes, paintings, nature calendars and more.

Upload your design, or use our online designer to add photos, captions and more.

Custom photo calendars

Family Photo Calendars

Lock your precious moments in time forever. Family photo calendars make great gifts for holidays and family reunions.

Add custom birthdays, anniversaries and more with our online designer.

Custom calendar printing

Fundraising Calendars

Nonprofits print custom calendars for fundraising, donor gifts and more.

Monthly photo calendars are a great way to show off the important work you do.

Cheap custom calendars

Promotional Calendars

Custom calendars put your company front and center so you're always in your clients' minds. Print promotional marketing calendars to send out to your top customers and clients today.

Custom Calendar Printing FAQ

What custom calendar printing is cheapest?

For cheap calendar printing, choose Stapled Calendars. These require the least labor and materials since your custom calendars are stapled and folded as they come off the press. The low price and pro-quality makes these cheap calendars popular for retail sales, promotional gifts and more.

The next cheapest calendar binding is Spiral. The flexible plastic coils are durable and come in assorted colors to match your custom calendar theme.

Wire-o bound calendars cost a little more, but they offer a stylish finish with their metal wire bindings. The wires are also available in colors, and the metal adds a nice professional touch to your custom calendars.

Do you print custom desk calendars?

Desk calendars are typically 1-day-per-sheet, often glued at the top, and are torn off like a notepad page. We are not able to glue-pad 365 sheets together. But you may be able to customize options to your liking as a Spiral Bound Book or Color Copy job.