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  • Custom Book Ideas

    Custom Book Printing Ideas

    Get inspired with 12 customization ideas to make your custom self-published book stand out from the crowd.

  • How Black is Black?

    How Black is Black?

    Learn about the differences in print output between Rich Black (composed of CMYK colors) and 100% K (composed of Black only).

  • Local Print Marketing

    Print marketing tips for small and local businesses

    Small local businesses face unique challenges in marketing. Make every dollar count with these print marketing ideas for local businesses.

  • What Is Collating?

    Definition of Collating in printing

    Learn about collating, what it means, different methods and reasons for collating your sheets, and more.

  • Designing Covers

    Design a book cover for perfect binding

    Tips on designing a perfect bound book cover for print, including a spine-width calculator.

  • Trifold Brochure Design

    Tri-fold brochure print design tips

    Tri-fold brochures are one of the trickier print-design formats to master. This handy guide makes it a breeze.