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NCR Forms

Next-gen Carbon Copies — No Carbon Required!


Print custom invoices, business forms and more on NCR paper.

Carbon copy printing has gone the way of the dinosaurs. NCR forms have taken their place in the evolutionary chain.

Carbon copies and NCR forms are both used for creating duplicates of handwritten or printed documents. But carbonless paper, commonly referred to as NCR forms (No Carbon Required), serve as an efficient alternative to printing carbon copies. They are popularly used for creating custom invoices, order forms, and various business-form printing needs.


The 2 part carbonless form consists of a white and yellow carbonless sheet.


The 3 part carbonless form consists of a white, yellow, and pink carbonless sheet.

Why order NCR forms instead of carbon copies?

Carbon copies and NCR (No Carbon Required) paper are both used to create duplicate copies of documents, but they operate using different technologies and materials. Here are the main differences between the two:

  1. Technology and Material:
    • Carbon Copies:
    • Made using carbon paper, which is a thin paper coated with a layer of carbon or another pigmented substance.
    • When pressure is applied (e.g., by writing or typing), the pigment is transferred from the carbon paper to the sheet below.
    • Requires the use of carbon paper between sheets to create duplicates.
    • NCR Paper:
    • NCR paper is a type of coated paper that does not require separate carbon paper.
    • It consists of sheets that are chemically treated to produce copies directly.
    • The back of the top sheet is coated with micro-encapsulated dye, and the front of the sheets underneath are coated with a clay that reacts with the dye to create a copy when pressure is applied.
  2. Convenience and Cleanliness:
    • Carbon Copies:
    • Less convenient as it requires a separate carbon paper between each sheet.
    • Can be messy, as carbon paper can leave ink stains on hands and surfaces.
    • NCR Paper:
    • More convenient as it eliminates the need for separate carbon sheets.
    • Cleaner, as there is no loose ink or mess associated with handling the paper.
  3. Durability and Storage:
    • Carbon Copies:
    • Carbon paper can wear out or get damaged, reducing its effectiveness over time.
    • Requires careful alignment to ensure that copies are accurate and legible.
    • NCR Paper:
    • More durable as the coating is integrated into the paper itself.
    • Generally produces more consistent and reliable copies, even after extended storage.
  4. Usage and Applications:
    • Carbon Copies:
    • Traditional method used in typewriters and for handwritten documents.
    • Still used in some manual processes and where NCR paper is not available.
    • NCR Paper:
    • Widely used in business forms such as invoices, receipts, and order forms.
    • Preferred in modern applications where multiple copies are needed quickly and efficiently.
  5. Cost:
    • Carbon Copies:
    • Typically cheaper upfront but can be less cost-effective in the long run due to the need for additional carbon sheets.
    • NCR Paper:
    • Generally more expensive per sheet but can be more economical overall due to its convenience and efficiency.

Another benefit of NCR forms is their ease of customization and printing. They can be easily personalized with specific designs, colors, and branding options, providing businesses with flexibility in printing custom invoices, inventory sheets and more. Custom NCR forms offer a wider range of colors compared to traditional carbon copies, allowing for better organization and differentiation between copies.

From an environmental perspective, NCR printing typically uses fewer harmful chemicals than carbon paper, making them a more eco-friendly option. This aspect contributes to their appeal for businesses seeking sustainable printing solutions.

Ditch the carbon copies for good. NCR forms are a superior choice due to their cleaner process, improved quality, ease of customization, wider color options, and reduced environmental impact compared to traditional carbon copy printing. Businesses looking for efficient and customizable print forms, custom invoices, or business form printing can stop looking and order custom NCR forms today.