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Terms of Service


All orders received after 2 p.m. CST (4 p.m. CST if shipping from West Production Facility) will go into production the next working day. Contact us for rush orders. Prices are subject to change without notice.


All jobs are considered final once payment is received. In some cases we may be able to stop production after charging jobs out but cannot guarantee this. Jobs pulled out of production for any reason may be charged a $9.95 stop-production fee.


By setting up an account and registering with DocuCopies, you are agreeing that it is ok for us to contact you by email regarding information about your current jobs or possible future jobs, including but not limited to: promotions and coupons, invoices, issues with files, issues with payment, special offers, etc. We also offer text-message notifications on your job's progress (opt-in only).

Automated emails will include an option for "opting out" of future electronic communications. If you do not see an opt-out option or you wish to discontinue future communication with Docucopies customer service members, please let us know by email. In some cases we may call in addition to email, such as a processing delay on a time-sensitive job. You are responsible for following the progress of your job's production. We cannot be held responsible for missed emails, phone calls, bad phones numbers, etc. For this reason please be sure to include several valid contact options.


We have no setup charge. But if substantial file editing needs to be done to make it print-ready, and you're unable to do this yourself, there is a $39.95 minimum editing charge per file. Feel free to email ahead of time for a quote, or simply put your request in the Job Notes. We will address any additional charges and email a digital proof before proceeding.

Additional $9.95 fee applies to replace files (if possible) on jobs already in production.


Resolution: Low-resolution images don't print well! Images taken off the Internet, particularly 72ppi images, look jagged and fuzzy when printed. To avoid this we recommend that your images be at least 300ppi (pixels per inch). However, if you supply us with 72 dpi images, we will still print these files. We cannot reprint or refund if you are unhappy with the image quality of your supplied file.

Color Matching: We utilize high-end digital printing equipment that produces prints using toner instead of ink. Since we use toner, we cannot match PMS or other colors exactly as they are in your files. The color accuracy will be very close to what the information in your file says but it will not be exact. Our machines print in CMYK and we recommend you design or convert your file to this before uploading. Printing an RGB file in CMYK, for example, may result in unexpected color variances.

What you see on your screen IS NOT necessarily the same thing that you will see when printed. Your monitor uses different technology to produce colors than our printing equipment does, so what you see on your screen will always vary from what you see when printed. If you are worried about color quality, it is recommended to order a hard copy proof first.

Process Black & Grayscale Images: Please be aware of the color makeup in your document. While text, background colors, and images may look black on your monitor, the information in your file may be telling our equipment differently. Process black, or black that only utilizes K, may look dark on your monitor but since this will only print with one color (K) it will appear lighter when printed. Process black is recommended for small text, but for large text and background colors we recommend using a four color black. A four color black is one that utilizes all the inks in CMYK. The same goes for grayscale images. They may appear darker on your monitor than when printed.

Print Quality: During the printing process, the paper registration can bounce in the machine up to 1/16" from center in any direction, resulting in a minor variance of image placement. We work to provide the best quality possible on each job, but due to the digital printing process, there can always be some degree of minor, unavoidable marks from being run through the machines. These include roller and drum marks, random toner dots, and lines / scratches. If a job is deemed unusable by a customer due to these issues, returns/reprints/refunds will be handled on a case by case basis by our review board. All decisions are final.

We cannot guarantee our toner and print quality will be preserved if you run these through another machine after receiving them. For example, printing a letter on preprinted letterhead or printing addresses from an Excel file onto preprinted postcards. Toner may streak or become otherwise distorted depending on your machine's processes.


We recommend leaving at least 1/2" margin (blank, unprinted space) on the binding edge for all books except stapled booklets. You are responsible for making sure none of your content is affected by the binding. While we do try to watch for uneven or insufficient margin space, we cannot guarantee we will catch these. To help you catch any errors like this, we recommend requesting a PDF proof in your job notes. This will show where the binding is placed in your print-ready document.


All orders received after 2 p.m. CST (4 p.m. CST if shipping from West Production Facility) will go into production the next working day. Rush orders are available (see below). Shipping costs for DocuCopies will depend on your job details, delivery-speed selection and location. Canadian shipments are subject to Brokerage Fees and Canadian Taxes.

All packages returned to DocuCopies due to customer error in shipping information can be re-shipped at the regular shipping cost. If DocuCopies has to change the shipping address after the order has been shipped there will be a $20 charge assessed to the customer.

Split shipments will have additional costs.


We stand behind the quality of our products and services so far as the criteria in question are within our control. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the job, please let us know within 30 days. This is the longest that we keep samples, so verifying errors beyond that becomes difficult. Orders are considered closed and cannot be reprinted, returned or refunded after 90 days.

Here is a partial list of examples where we may be at fault: Missed deadlines (when noted or ordered Guaranteed*), issues with printing quality (printer errors or missing information), and finishing options (cutting, binding, folding, etc.) are things we have some control over.

We cannot be held responsible for issues which were present already in your uploaded files such as image resolution, typos, file errors, or formatting issues, but we do make every effort to catch and alert you to such problems before printing. We also cannot be responsible for jobs which are ordered "wrong" (e.g. you chose the wrong paper, meant to choose double-sided printing, etc). You will have several opportunities to review and correct the information you've entered.


Compensation for unsatisfactory jobs will be decided by the general manager and/or review board when necessary, on a case-by-case basis. Depending on circumstances, DocuCopies may issue a refund, a store credit or a reprint for all or part of the job.

  • Prints which are being refunded or reprinted must be returned using our complimentary UPS Return Services.


The checkout process will display a calendar which shows a 3-day estimated range of delivery based on your job details, location, and our current production load.

  • Hard deadlines/delivery dates must be clearly stated in the Job Notes
  • If your deadline falls earlier than the estimated range (or on the first day of that range) you must click that day's associated Guaranteed Delivery price.
  • We cannot be responsible for missed deadlines or event dates which weren't noted or selected/paid for at checkout. Deadlines communicated via phone are not valid until your order is placed so we can match it up in our system.


DocuCopies only accepts files uploaded through the website for printing. If you have questions prior to ordering you may send sample pages for reference, but these are not considered part of your order and files must be uploaded separately at checkout. We do not accept physical disks, flash drives, CDs or hard copies.

All prices and quotes provided by DocuCopies assume the customer provides properly prepared files following our file setup guidelines. The customer accepts all responsibility for supplied files that fail to output properly, contain errors or provide an unacceptable result. DocuCopies will make every effort to discover problems in the file's pre-flight stage but accepts no responsibilities for errors not detected.


The customer affirms ownership of publication rights to all artwork, photos and other material submitted for printing and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DocuCopies from any and all lost, cost, expense and damages on account of any and all manner of claims, demands, action and proceeding that may be instituted against DocuCopies on grounds that said printing violates any copyright or any proprietary right of any person, or that it contains any material that is libelous or scandalous, or invades any persons right to privacy or other personal right. The customer agrees to, at the customer's own expense, promptly defend and continue the defense of such claim, demand, action or proceeding, that may be brought against DocuCopies provide that DocuCopies shall notify the customer with respect thereto. 90 days after an order is marked as shipped from our facility is considered final.

We reserve the right to refuse to any customer for reasons such as, but not limited to, hate speech, offensive material, pornography/sexual imagery, or excessively unpleasant or abusive communications with our team members. Prices may vary without notice. This terms and policy agreement applies to DocuCopies orders.