Supply Chain Impact:

Due to global supply chain delays, your paper may have a slight variation in appearance between jobs.
These disruptions may also affect estimated delivery dates and prices. If your job is time sensitive, let us know in the notes or choose the appropriate Rush Delivery service as needed.

Supply Chain Impact:

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Online Printing Services

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM)20% Off EDDM

Print and mail to every address in your target area.

Is your business new to the area or looking to increase local exposure and gain more clients? Need your mailer to reach as many people as possible without spending a fortune? Every Door Direct Mail is made for you. Mailing postcards and booklets is fast, affordable and effective for local marketing.

EDDM postcard in mail box

What is EDDM mailing?

Every Door Direct Mail® from USPS gives you the power of a bulk mail campaign at a fraction of the cost.

Deliver to every address in your target area(s) without the need for mailing lists, bulk permits or complex mail sorting.

Attracting more local business with direct mailing has never been easier. All you need is a print-ready file, an area to target and a few minutes to place your EDDM order. We print and deliver your mailing to the post office, and they take care of the rest.

Every Door Direct Mail Printing Services:

EDDM Postcards

Cost effective and powerful, postcard mailing with every door direct mail packs a lot of promotional power into a small price.

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Select Print Size
Choose Delivery Areas
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EDDM Booklets

Distribute your product catalog, homes on the market, local coupon mailers and other long-form visual content.

Click to Begin your EDDM Booklet Mailing...

Mail booklets, magazines, catalogs and more.

Every Door Direct Mail is now available for booklets!

Targeted booklet mailers are now as simple and affordable as postcards. Mail your 8.5x11 booklets within a radius, to entire ZIP codes or specific delivery routes.

Click the button to choose your mail routes. You'll choose your printing options after.

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Why EDDM vs. Bulk Mailing or Email?

  • Hit every mailbox in your target area without lifting a foot
  • No permits, addresses or mailing lists required
  • 2-4 business day delivery once mailed
  • First-class service, cheaper than bulk or priority

Is Every Door Direct Mail Right for Me?

Does your business or organization serve a specific area? Do you offer services that the average person, homeowner, business owner, college student, etc., needs on a regular basis? Are you mobile or do you deliver within a certain area? Are you promoting an event? If you answered yes to any of these then EDDM might be the best solution for you.

Every door direct mail postcard
EDDM menu mailing
EDDM booklets & catalogs
  • Restaurants
  • Houses of Worship
  • Contractors
  • Realtors
  • Gyms / Fitness Clubs
  • Banks / Loan Companies
  • Retailers
  • House Cleaners
  • Laundromats / Dry Cleaning
  • Food & Clothing Drives
  • Elections
  • Doctors / Dentists
  • Community Outreach
  • Local Event Promotion
Example 4" x 12" Print & Mail Pricing with 20% Off

1000 postcards - 40¢ ea.
2500 postcards - 32¢ ea.
5000 postcards - 29¢ ea.

Select a print size at the top and select your routes to see exact pricing.

Mailing Panel Layout

Example 4" x 12" EDDM Design Layout4x12 Example Design Layout
Within a 3" area on the right side of your piece, please leave a 1" x 1" and 2.75" x 1" blank area for the postal indicia and address block.

How Will My Piece be Addressed?

All Every Door Direct Mail piece must have the entire mailing label on the "top half" of the piece. The orientation of the label, whether it's applied on the long or short side, does not matter (except that labels placed parallel to the shortest end must not be upside down). The shortest end will always be the top half of the piece. Length is always the longest side. See the picture at the right for example.

Follow the instructions at the top to get started with your Every-Door Direct Mail campaign today!

Address and Indicia layout on EDDM