Adhesive Posters

Self Adhesive Posters

Throw out that glue stick and wadded up scotch tape. Our self-adhesive poster stock is designed to make mounting your signs and posters on cardboard, foam core and other surfaces quick and easy. Whether you're mounting mockups for a business meeting, creating signs for a tradeshow, or selling large poster prints of your photography art, it's much easier to project confidence and professionalism when you know a viewer isn't distracted by the uneven lumps and strips of tape sticking off your posters.

Our self-adhesive polypropylene material is a permanent, self-adhesive and water-resistant poster stock. The microporous material makes it excellent for capturing and reproducing rich colors and photographic detail just as the artist intended.

Self Adhesive PosterGreat color reproduction!
Self Adhesive PosterBegin peeling at a corner.
Self Adhesive PosterThe protective plastic will easily peel off. Carefully apply the poster to any surface. Once adhered, the poster will not be repostionable.