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Need a list for your next mailer but don't know where to start? Targeted mailing lists take your direct-mail marketing to the next level by letting you customize your audience with incredible detail. Don't purchase generic, cheap mailing lists from questionable online sources when you can build a powerful list of your own with these targeting tools. Fine tune your audience to your liking or keep it broad. Whatever your scope, DocuCopies.com offers full-service bulk mailing solutions for any business, from design to delivery.

Want to mail every lawyer in the state? No problem. Only care about families in your town with kids? You got it. Looking to market only to military veterans, new home owners or seniors? Stop reading and get started below!

Lists are 98-99% accurate.

First, pick the category that your target people fall into below. You'll get to narrow your search down further as we continue building your mailing list on the next page.