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Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, and this year is sponsoring the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California with a donation of $1,000. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about epilepsy to visit their website and see the many programs they and their nationwide affiliates offer to improve the lives of 3 million Americans who live with epilepsy.

Did You Know?...

Epilepsy is the third-most-common neurological disorder in America, trailing only strokes and Alzheimer's. 1 in 10 adults will have a seizure sometime during their life.

Even though epilepsy affects more people than Parkinson's, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis combined, it remains one of the lesser recognized and understood disorders there are. This unfortunately results in a huge funding disparity in research for treatment and finding a cure.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California (EFNC) spreads awareness and understanding of epilepsy, advocates for epilepsy patients, raises funding for research in finding a cure, and fights to improve the lives of over 140,000 Californians living with epilepsy. This is done through programs like the Youth Summer Camp, fundraising events, and education and training events for people in law enforcement, private companies, first responders and school personnel in seizure recognition and first aid. Their website includes vast resources for people and families living with epilepsy, a comprehensive list of support groups, and much more.

If you wish to support this cause, you can make a donation through this link:
Donate Now

For more information on the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California and their affiliates across the United States, the programs they organize, and how you can help find a cure for epilepsy, visit them online at

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