Stapled Booklets

A stapled, saddle-stitched, booklet is one of the most common pieces of printed material created when you need multiple pages bound together. You will often see this type of binding used for playbills, event programs, children's books, and magazines.

When you are asked on the order form below for how many pages are in your file this is referring to the total number of pages/sides after the booklet is folded and stapled.

A finished stapled booklet is created by assembling multiple sheets of paper with 4 pages on a single sheet. 2 pages on the front and 2 pages on the back. A 16 page booklet would consist of 4 sheets of paper for a total of 16 finished pages. Once the sheets of paper are combined they are then folded and stapled twice in the gutter / fold.

We can accept files for a stapled booklet by either single page setup or in printer's spreads. Be aware that if you are submitting files in printer spreads then they must be paginated correctly or your booklet pages will not be read in the correct order when printed. If you have questions about pagination please contact us.

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