Bulk Mailing

Reports of the United States Postal Service’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Direct mail has long been and remains a critical tool for communication, especially for marketers. But utilizing it to its full potential can be a time-consuming process—who wants to sit down and hand-write the names and addresses of hundreds of people, lick the envelopes closed, stamp them and cart them over to the post office?

Luckily, service and technology have done away with that process. The USPS’s Every Door Direct Mailing service will deliver your material to every address within a given area. Or, if you have a mailing list, place an order for Bulk Mailing and we’ll take care of the whole process – all we need is a spreadsheet with your contacts’ names and addresses.

Read more below to find out which option is best for you.

DocuCopies.com Mailing Service

We offer two choices for bulk mailing through DocuCopies.com, either 1st class or 3rd class mailing. With 1st and 3rd class mailing you are required to mail a minimum of 200 pieces. First class mailing is used on postcards, letters, and flats. A flat refers to large envelopes, magazines, and newsletters. 3rd class mailing can be used on almost any type of printed material like flyers, newsletters, circulars, and catalogs. 3rd class is for domestic mailing only.

  • Postcards

    Postcards are the go-to product when it comes to bulk mail. With no sealing or stuffing required, the cost to bulk mail postcards are dramatically cheaper than brochures, envelopes, or booklets.

  • Brochures and Newsletters

    When ordering brochures or newsletters and you select bulk mailing we will print all of the names and addresses in your mailing list on the mailing panel of your pieces as well as apply our DocuCopies.com Bulk Mail Indicia. Your order will then be folded as specified and tabbed along the top of the pieces with two tabs. From here we take your mailers to the Post Office.

  • Envelopes

    Bulk mailing with envelopes includes the printing of the names, addresses, and bulk mail indicia on the envelopes. This also includes inserting one piece, such as a letter, and sealing. More pieces can be inserted for an additional cost. When placing an order for bulk mail envelopes you will need to place two orders. One for the envelopes with the bulk mailing, and a second for the piece being inserted. Envelope bulk mailing does not include folding in the price, so make sure that you have included folding on the piece that will be inserted into the envelopes, if needed.

  • Booklets

    Booklets and other large pieces may be bulk mailed as well. If you are looking to have one of these items bulk mailed then please contact us for a custom quote.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

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