EDDM - Flats

Sometimes old technology is the most reliable, and for that we thank the United States Postal Service and their Every-Door Direct Mailing service. This program lets you choose regions to target with your mailing and the postal service delivers it to every address in those areas. This is great not only for locally oriented businesses like pizza delivery, contractors, and athletic clubs, but also churches, community organizations, non-profits, or any time you need to spread your message wide without spreading your budget thin.

Route Selection Tips & Tricks

Need to Change Routes?

Click on the gray "Click to change your selected routes" button under the Copy Job Information to the left.

Want to focus on businesses?

On the route selection map, hover over a route to display the demographic information for that area. Choose routes with a high number of businesses.

Only want to mail residences?

In the top right above the route selection map is the Mail to selection. Select "Residential Only".

Too many routes selected?

At the top of the route list, check the box next to "Route" to deselect all routes. You can then easily add routes to meet the number of postcards you want to send.